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# 712356

Rust Meets Wood

14" x 21" x " | Watercolor | $1,950.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Artist's Studio

There once was a hay barn, built in the 1880s, to store hay for the carriage horses of a Western town during its boom days. The door itself was an aggregation of sawn wood and sheet of metal, now richly colored with rust. It was a memorable door, but one about to disappear as the building was demolished to make room for modern expansion.

To me, the door was especially striking in the raking light that hit it just after dawn. At that hour, it showed both patches of sunlight and deep shadows. The light played off its rough surface, accentuating all the juts and cuts that gave it texture. The warm colors of rust sat beautifully next to the cool shadowed tones of metal and wood.

I painted to capture the complex beauty that could be found on a small patch of that door, now long gone.

All of my works are professionally matted and framed, using museum glass which is the highest quality available for framing. Please note that the dimension above are for the image only; the framed work is larger. The dimensions of this piece, as framed, will be approximately 24X30 inches. You can contact me for a fuller description of the matting and framing.



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